IFindIT – Dashboards

We turn your data into knowledge for your company.

In Creangel, we understand the needs of customers and the general market

Our goal is to offer customers a more complete perspective of their information while keeping the data connected in a simple way, regardless of the type of format or if there are hundreds of millions of data. IFindIT – Dashboards shows millions of records in a single view, connecting your data in a faster and easier way for strategic decision-making in your organization.

Explore with Dashboards

Thanks to innovative connectors you can integrate data from any database and/or repository and connect your data faster.


You will be able to capture all your business information in a single system, get answers to your key business questions and search doing questions to get answers in real time.


Make the search process faster, obtain detailed reports, discover and share strategic information for decision making.

Visualize on Dashboards

You can use more than 80 graphs and build your own dashboards as many times as you need regardless of whether the business questions change.

We know that your organization’s data does not reside in one place, it can be in multiple sources of information. IFindIT Interactive Dashboards is capable of centralizing those data and visualizing it through different graphs according to your needs, with a single glance you can know the status of the entire organization or a specific area, filter by each of the graphs, and delve into the aspects that concern or interest you most such as planning, customer service, internal processes and other mission areas of organizations.