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The Ifindit business search tool operates thanks to the technical structuring of a harmonized system called “Search-based solutions” that has several components: The first part associated with a search engine – and the second part, which is strategic and preponderant and corresponds to a series of modules, making up a highly specialized software solution that is based on the use of neural network techniques, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, among others. That articulates the components and allows the operation of the solution. In this way, the application helps to find information in natural language, clear for the citizens of Colombia, no matter where it is stored or in what format it has been created (including documents stored as TIF and PDF images) and delivering results in text or in interactive graphics; which allows the entity to bring information to people in a transparent way, as well as saving time, effort and personnel costs.

The Solution, whose exclusive provider is Creangel LTDA, is made up of the following modules:

    • Integration with proprietary applications.
    • Management of the specific language for the Colombian spanish.
    • Content transformation.
    • Hierarchy and standardization of content.
    • Filtering and Data Organization.
    • Search normalization.
    • Analysis and specialized reports.
    • Generation of visualization interfaces and generation of result interfaces.
    • Spelling correction for Colombian Spanish.
    • Favorites search, results proxy and search proxy.
    • Database synchronization.
    • Advanced analytics, projections and predictions.
    • Natural language management and relevance.
    • Connection to repositories.
    • Search Engine.

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