Achieve excellence in the services provided on the web portal www.icbf.gov.co, implementing a Search Solution within the portal that allows them to find information simultaneously from the various repositories of the entity, adapting to the way users consult, allowing the use of familiar terms, contemplating the most frequent spelling and typing errors, as well as providing search suggestions to users.

The Solution must have the ability to find information in digitized images, promote citizen participation using electronic media, optimize and automate procedures and services, make it easier the information search for users of the ICBF web portal, both internal and external.

For external users, the Application must facilitate access to information through the entity’s web portal and must allow content and resources to be consulted in a friendly manner.


Implement a Search Application for the portal www.icbf.gov.co/, this application allows internal users of the entity to have access to the search and consultation of information stored in different information systems of the entity, improving performance with a real response time, finding information in digitized images, making paper documents immaterial, standardizing the website and enabling a content search mechanism.