Information search

Instantly find, extract, filter and categorize millions of data

Search based on artificial intelligence and machine learning

The search engine finds, extracts, filters and categorizes the data that resides in any information system, transforming it into strategic information.

The IFindIT Application is developed to integrate with new technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning coming from the great digital era of nowadays and in which we are all immersed; millions and millions of data are generated every minute and are stored in different sources and/or devices; and used by IFindIT to allow users to take important business decisions.

Are organizations really consuming their data properly?
Are people finding the information they need to do their jobs?
Is knowledge being generated from the data you have resting in your information systems?

These are some of the questions that arise during the decision-making processes of any company. Creangel has developed the IFindIT Application, this tool has technology based on Artificial Intelligence techniques and NLP (Natural Language Processing) that helps people find the information they need to do their job in an agile and simple way, so easy as typing a word or a question into a search box, related to the context of what they want to find and in less than a second the user will be able to interact with the search results.

Where to start looking for the information we need?
Where do we find the information we need for audits, reports, immediate responses to internal and external requirements?

Through a search box, people can find the information they need to do their jobs. IFindIT searches simultaneously in: databases, document management, CRM, ERP, Intranet, Business Intelligence, PDF (image or digitized), digital images and videos (metadata), shared folders and web portals.

Our Search Application is developed using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques for business search.