IFindIT allows you to achieve what has been impossible until now: read the free text of your document manager, without having to use complicated labels or exact data such as registration numbers, dates, process numbers, etc.; all your data after a couple of clicks.

What IFINDIT does on your document manager

IFindIT makes the search more flexible by accessing the information in two blocks: the structured information (for instance: a document manager system) that you have under categories such as: name, city, case number, date, among others, and the unstructured information, generally in free text fields, which is more diverse and complete but at the same time inaccessible; IFindIT gives you access to what was previously inaccessible.

Our search engine reduces results to a few that are strictly related to the search, and presents alternatives and options that lead the user to the information they need, alternating between structured data and the data that their documents have as free text.

IFindIT structure your data

In any applications where there is open text or text extracted from images, IFindIT not only finds critical and vital information for your organization, but also generates new categorizations from those free text fields, converting unstructured data into structured data through intelligent associations within their internal systems.

The data contained in the free text of your documents includes a universe of critical information for your organization. With IFindIT, find it and make use of its full potential.

IFindIT vs Traditional search

The traditional search focuses on basic data but makes it impossible to access the information contained in the documents. IFindIT not only searches data such as registration numbers or dates, but also the entire free text of the documents, even if they were scanned; In general, IFindIT searches everything that is contained in the document manager, doesn’t matter if it is in open text fields or in digitized documents.

You don’t need to know everything to find your documents, even the text of a scanned document becomes a text field on which IFindIT extracts information.

IFindIT:  a powerful solution for free text and unstructured data.


Manipulate your data easily through dashboards

IFindIT dashboards allow you to graphically filter or navigate through the information to interpret complex volumes of data with simple graphs, giving you a complete idea of the total picture of the organization with a single glance at your computer screen.

Manipulate your data easily through dashboards

IFindIT connects remote systems as a single user, which does not affect their performance, as well as decongests your systems because IFindIT accesses the search and not directly to the server; instead of having hundreds, or thousands of users connected, IFindIT intermediates the connection by optimizing the servers and solving memory congestion.
Additional benefits:
● IFindIT connects to multiple information systems
● IFindIT is database independent
● you change your database, the search engine will continue to work
● IFindIT reduces search times without affecting your systems
● IFindIT searches on tens of millions of records without affecting your systems