Creangel transforms your data in a smart way

CREANGEL transforms your data in an smart way, understanding the needs of companies and the market in general. We work to develop innovative search applications that help companies in the business decision-making process and business search.

Smart data transformation allows companies to stay in a highly competitive and globalized market due to new information technologies. On many occasions, companies do not know what information they have in their systems, making administrative management less efficient.

IFindIT extracts and correlates business data, data from sources outside the business, and unstructured data to intelligently transform it into information used for decision-making by managers.

The government is our ally

We support public management, good governance and transparency in public entities, making the processes visible to the citizen in a way that complies with the mandates of online government and the law of transparency and access to public information of the entity. We facilitate the interaction of the citizen with the entity by answering the questions that people ask in their everyday language.

We support business management

The success of business management depends on the knowledge of the information of each one of the areas. To transform the data in an intelligent way is a fundamental tool, to guarantee a correct use of the data and to guide the company by the path to achievement.

Optimize your operational process

All organizations currently seek to be more efficient in their operations processes. Finding and obtaining visibility of information immediately and from each of the business areas have become a challenge, but many times this can lead companies to implement inefficient and costly processes.

In such a competitive market, organizations must have the ability to react and respond instantly to the strategies of their competitors.

What should we do? Extracting and exploring the data to transform it into relevant information can guarantee that managers and directors can have a clearer vision of what to do, when and how, and implement processes that enhance the efficiency of each of the company’s areas.

Identify the needs, behaviors, expenses and preferences of your customers