IFindIT makes it easy to find information in your documents, just like a regular internet search. Even the most recondite information will be easily displayed and available to serve your organization.

Access all the information of your organization without making complex filters or searching in different sources of information. With IFindIT the results appear easily in “text” as if it were a simple search in the internet browser, you can also view the information in dashboards, where you can manipulate the results through an intuitive graphic management.

We create a satisfying search experience for the user, connecting the data you need and presenting the most relevant information first, optimizing the time of your staff and your customers.

“I have a lot of data from many sources but I’m not sure what they mean, I feel overwhelmed”

“I don´t know what people expect from my products or services”

“My company has many information systems and I am not able to find what I need”

“I need to know what that provider committed to at the meeting”

Text type results: results that satisfy the need of information.

The most successful companies are implementing tools that grant prompt and effective access to information for their users. With IFindIT you will avoid the time-consuming process of traditional search engines, in which you must fill in several fields to try searches, which are generally unsuccessful.

A single piece of information that you enter in our Search-Based Solution will be enough to access precise results and related information, prioritizing the most relevant depending on search trends; Likewise, you will have the possibility to navigate between filter options easily, all instantly, as if it were a web browser.

IFindIT has features that will allow you to manipulate data to enhance your understanding of it. You can filter, rank and order information with practical visualization interfaces, which will be useful for generating reports, optimizing content, analyzing critical aspects of your organization and increasing your productivity, all while providing an agile, transparent and modern service to your customers and users.


IFindIT has been implemented in government-level web portals, such as the curriculum search engine, which stores data on researchers, products, institutions and groups from all over the country. Our Search Based Application makes it easy, simple and fast to fully access information.

With a single entry in the search field, IFindIT finds concrete and relevant information in millions of curriculums of researchers, peers, products, projects, groups and institutions, without requiring specific knowledge about the search object.

The search experience can be completed even more, grouping results by criteria such as age, location, employing institution, among others, which not only facilitates the query, but also opens up the full range of available options that were even unknown before starting the search. IFindIT guides you to what you need to find.