Customer stories

 IFindIT Success Stories

We present some success stories in the implementation of the IFindIT solution (search engine and dashboards). Our developments have provided a timely response to needs of our customers at critical points of data management.


Creangel works with government entities in Colombia, particularly with these that handle large volumes of information and want to exploit it to the maximum in order to address challenges such as:

  • Compliance with national and local government mandates.
  • Alignment with the transparency law.
  • Generate citizen confidence in the state.
  • Offer legal certainty to state entities.
  • Administrative efficiency.
  • Strengthening of new information technologies in Colombia.
  • Provide easy access to information.
  • Become channels that bring services closer to the state.
  • Generate visibility of the processes of the entities.
  • Communicate effectively with the actors involved in the macro processes of the entities.
  • Generate citizen participation mechanisms through innovative technologies.

As a company specialized in solutions that facilitate management. We understand the dynamics of the government sector. We believe that as a fundamental part of the approchement with citizens and the entity, it is important to promote the principles of transparency, public management and citizen service. Promoting greater use of technologies in the country and optimizing administrative processes that help to create more efficient entities.

It is in our interest to support government entities in building tools that facilitate their search processes and strategic decision-making for business intelligence.

The IFindIT® “Enterprise Search Based Application” has characteristics that are considered unique in the market, having the ability to integrate and combine data from multiple sources, multiple formats (including graphic formats), structured, unstructured or semi-structured, in such a way that it is possible to generate filters through the use of metadata.