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LegalApp is the portal designed by the Ministry of Justice for all citizens who need to know how to carry out a procedure or use a service related to Colombian Justice. Since the launch of LegalApp, the Ministry of Justice has offered knowledge to the public on justice issues, with more than 1,300,000 monthly searches throughout the country through the search engine found on the LegalApp portal on its main page. Citizens have been able to count on a high quality and fast search solution. At the same time, this application allows for generating of trust of the citizen in the State.

The technology used in the LegalApp search engine has been developed by Creangel using artificial intelligence techniques, which make the tool understand how citizens ask questions on a daily basis, using words out of context or the vocabulary used by the company. The LegalApp search engine is able to provide information in common language so that all Colombians understand the procedure to follow without the need to hire a lawyer. The tool is easy to use, dynamic and agile. Creangel and LegalApp have transformed the use of information search into an unprecedented service experience.

LegalApp currently has an honorable mention awarded by the National Government and the Department of Public Function DAFP, for the work carried out on the portal and especially for how easy is to find information on more than 150 processes through the search engine that is available to the public.

LegalApp Colombia as leader in the Index of Online Judicial Services by the Center for Justice Studies of the Americas (CEJA), is consolidated as first in the ranking that evaluates 130 websites from 32 OAS countries.

LegalApp has exceeded the expectations of search queries made by Colombian citizens. Our commitment is to continue working hand in hand with the Ministry of Justice in updating the content when new search results are available on the LegalApp portal, and that citizens have new information on how to do, what to do and where, in terms of Justice.