Customer feelings analysis

Know the perception towards your brand and service

Customer feelings analysis

An important goal of the IFINDIT tool is to use social network information to detect emotional feelings towards a product and/or service.


Our tool for customer feelings analysis based on artificial intelligence techniques, performs natural language processing and analysis of texts from different sources. The tool extracts the text to be analyzed to determine if a positive, neutral or negative feeling is expressed towards the brand and the product or service.

Sentiment analysis is a tool to identify trends and patterns that lead us to understand customer insights and react to future situations. Detecting the person’s attitude regarding a specific topic at the time of writing a message reflects their emotional intention to transmit.

Determining what feelings are behind a series of words, helps companies when monitoring social networks to have a clearer idea of ​​the general opinion of consumers about issues related to the brand and product.

The polarity of a text (positive, negative, neutral) it is a key aspect of sentiment analysis. Emotions and feelings such as (angry, happy, sad, etc) or intentions like (interested or not interested) also express polarity.

Sentiment analysis is also used for brand management, helping companies better target marketing messages to those customers. Here are some benefits of conducting sentiment analysis:


  •  The company can make better business decisions by knowing the opinions about the product and / service.
  • Brand positioning, building customer loyalty, learning about new trends, understanding the feelings of consumers towards the brand.
  • Monitoring and tracking the evolution of people’s feelings about the brand and the service over a period of time.

Detect positive, negative, and neutral sentiments about user opinions.