With IFindIT take human talent management to a new level. IFindIT allows you to fully access the information of your applicants for job positions, searching within their trajectory and delving into their true skills and experiences.

The ideal candidate for a specific task.

Traditional search engines support human resource management by offering options to search by standardized categories such as name, title, job title, which can be interpreted in many ways depending on the company, industry or location.

IFindIT reads the free text (descriptions and/or annotations) of the curriculums to find specific activities, skills and experiences that include people in charge or budget, among other characteristics that are key elements to find the best candidate within the list of applicants. Quickly find the ideal candidate among thousands of options.

Optimize your human resource.

Find specific achievements from your candidates, precise activities or assigned responsibilities, to identify the person who best suits an available job. Access the real experience of your applicants and discover what their trajectory says, more than what they say about themselves.

IFindIT makes it easy for you to recruit the right people for a vacancy. Browsing through your applicants, whether it’s a huge database of hundreds or millions of records, and finding the one that’s closest to what you’re looking for, is now a reality with IFindIT.

Why is it different to search profiles with IFindIT?

Traditional search engines offers the catalog of market skills, but neither the candidates nor the job positions are approved, which contaminates the information of the applicants with countless search criteria.

IFindIT searches by categories and combines the search between these categories with the curriculum’s text, where the true experience of the applicant is found, additionally, it allows you to filter the search through Dashboards that will make the search even more effective and agile.

Optimize your human resource.

IFindIT dashboards allow you to graphically filter, for example, the geographic location module would allow you to identify the place where a training or business program would be most effective, because it will give you perspective on what human resource you have in that area and what exactly it requires from that group.

The filtering can be as exhaustive and detailed as the job role requires, if you need education, location, experience, language or nationality, IFindIT will effectively lead you to the correct applicant.