There are millions of customers for the products in your catalog, don’t lose sales by offering the generic sales experience to all customers, IFindIT determines with a few clicks the interest of each customer and drives them to purchase; There is a buyer for each product and IFindIT easily connects them.

With Ifindit, the precise article for 100% of the clients, instead of 100% of the catalog for an only client.

Personalize your store and search results from your customers’ interactions with the catalog, that is, offer personalized experiences for each customer, responding to the interests that IFindIT knows from them; if your client wants clothes, IFindIT does not present him with the cell phone catalog, it leads him to the precise result and enhance the sale with related products.

Lead your customers to the exact product they are looking for.

The only option to show the customer your products is a search system. IFindIT is not an ordinary search engine, it is a powerful commerce tool that connects the needs of your consumers with the products that you have to offer.
Offer even more products with each sale: IFindIT powers cross-selling by suggesting related products and collaborative recommendations from the customer’s social environment. 

Don’t lose customers by offering them what they are not looking for

Your catalog will be fully exposed as each item will be seen by the right customer. Offer a personalized and successful sales experience by giving access to thousands of items while enriching your catalog by adding new searches from your customers; There is no better alternative to offer an optimal and efficient catalog for your business than IFindIT.

IFindIT approaches the concept of mind reading through association technologies, that is, navigation and results are enhanced while your site is used. Know what customers want and sell ahead of the market.

Language management
It is not necessary that customers know product’s name. IFindIT understand natural language and provide what user is looking for.

Globally analyze what people are saying on social networks or in the feedback section on your site.

Easily visualize all the complexity of your business
IFindIT allows you to know the interactions with your consumers through dashboards, designed to read large volumes of data and updated market trends almost instantly; undoubtedly the best tool for your sales force.