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CREANGEL a company founded in Bogotá, Colombia in May 2004; is a leader and has experience in Applications Based on Structured and Unstructured Information Search (Enterprise Search Engine), and Optical Character Recognition (OCR), integrating technology from multiple manufacturers. CREANGEL tools and services allow finding, extracting, viewing, forecasting, filtering and sharing information from different business applications of the company, facilitating the Business Search.

CREANGEL has achieved notable success in the National and District Government sector, supporting the strategic objectives of companies in terms of improving the quality of public management, administrative efficiency and compliance with Online Government indices.
Our work is aligned with the objectives of the National Development Plan of Colombia, in terms of strengthening public management, good governance, transparency and visibility, and the implementation of new information technologies.

At CREANGEL we work with various organizations to improve and promote more effective and efficient services open to the public, encouraging institutional transparency and the use of technological advances that allow delivering better mission results.

At CREANGEL we have extensive experience in the implementation of search applications.

How does Creangel work based on its experience?

CREANGEL develops algorithms that learn from experiences and examples as our brain does, we use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to generate knowledge and allow the machine itself to build the models for Business Intelligence of the entity.

IFINDIT is designed to adapt to the technological infrastructure of the entity and/or to an unlimited number of users. It shows search results through control panels and graphic analysis, allowing business decision-making.

At CREANGEL we adhere to the strictest international quality standards, achieving a high technological level in support and attention to search application services, and ensuring that consulting activities, solutions and implemented applications meet customer expectations.

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